Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NPR: Think Out Loud w/ guest Jean-Pierre Veillet

Jean-Pierre, is a guest on NPR's 'Think Out Loud' radio talk show today!

We are so proud and excited to hear our Creative Director having a discussion about 'Apartments with No Parking.' Please tune in today and listen.

If you miss it, we will be sure provide a link to a podcast soon...
Apartments with No Parking
AIR DATE: Tuesday, September 18th 2012

More and more developers are putting up apartment buildings in Portland with no room for cars to park. There will be plenty of room for bikes, however. Developers and city planners say the lack of car parking will encourage residents to be car-free. But people who live in the neighborhoods where these buildings are going up are concerned that street parking will become even more challenging.
Do you live in a neighborhood where a new apartment building is being built? Are you concerned about how that will affect parking near where you live? Are you looking for a place to live? Does an apartment building without car parking appeal to you?

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