Thursday, December 22, 2011


Design and Construction has wrapped up for ISITE Design's new headquarters in NW Portland. Here are some wonderful shots taken by Scott Gerke of the finished space.

Scott Gerke has been a lifelong photographer, currently focusing his career on architectural portraiture. His clean yet striking style brings spaces alive, and Scott works hard to document the spirit and intent of architects, builders, and interior designers.  Scott also spends a great deal of time running the visual marketing department for his family's publishing business called the Moira Press. In his role, Scott takes photographs, provides visual images for business cards and web developement, and manages design jobs.  In his spare time, Scott spends time with his family at their houseboat on the Columbia River, works on his 1974 Dodge Dart, and teaches photography classes at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Scott and JP both attended Pacific NW College of Arts in the late 90s, and it was there that they developed a mutual respect for each other's artistic strengths.  Throughout the years, as JP has developed SiteWorks, Scott has been instrumental in documenting his visionary creations.  Scott has enjoyed the satisfying experience of creating beautiful shots, borne from such glorious architectural models as these.

Location Scout
PO Box 17613
Portland, OR 97217

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