Thursday, April 8, 2010

N Williams/N Vancouver Streetscape

Calling all helmetheads - tired of risking your life in the grisly automobile lane in order to pass someone on your way home from work?  We know what you're thinking - the N Williams/N Vancouver corridor has the potential to be one of the coolest bike commuter stretches in Portland.  We think so too!  Heck, we could set a precedent that cities across the nation will follow.

Did you know that over 3,000 commuters ride the N Williams/N Vancouver corridor daily?

Did you know that the City's Department of Transportation thinks an accident involving a cyclist here is imminent?  

Did you know studies are being done to look into widening the bike lane on N Williams?  That there has even been talk of de-coupling the two one-way streets?

What do you think? 

We've come up with a few ideas, but we need your input and support!

Please, make a comment on this post and let us know your thoughts!  (And let us know if you live in the neighborhood!)


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  2. Hello, I have Pizza a go go on Williams and Cook and I see all the riders everyday. While I think it is great that so many choose to ride and rejoice in increased ridership in our fair city I do think it is inevitable that someone is hurt.
    I have seen wrecks in front of Pizza a go go by cars crossing Williams at Cook st and not seeing the bikers coming north on Williams. I have been the car and the rider in that intersection and know the challenges. Most of the time it is fine but at peak hours it is jammed with mostly grim faced riders. Why so serious folks? If your in a car they can be a touchy bunch as well, chill out people. Anyway I fully support any and all bike infrastructure. Now if I can get the city to pony up for some bike parking next to Pizza a go go I would be happy.